I have been taking Pilates classes for nearly 15 years (with 4 or 5 different local instructors), but until I came to Prana Pilates, I honestly had no idea how beneficial the technique could be for lifetime fitness and prevention of injuries.
I began working with Yvette Cassal about a year ago, and she has taken my body to a whole new level of physical strength, as well as mental awareness and confidence. She truly pushes me beyond what I thought I was capable of, and that’s a great feeling! Her MELT classes have helped me to understand the concept of joint fluidity leading to greater strength and flexibility, and hopefully less pain!!
The instructors at Prana are constantly taking classes to increase their knowledge, and to improve their techniques in order to help their clients in their individual areas of need.
I have exercised my entire life (married to a former coach), and thanks to Yvette, this is the first time I actually look forward to the workouts!