Andrea Maida @ Prana Pilates 
May 5th, 2018 – Celebrate Pilates Day with us!
10 am – 11 am Pilates Mat Class (Limited Space Available) $30 REGISTER HERE
11 am – 12 pm Snack + Shop (Pilates Nerd Pop Up)
12 pm – 4 pm Workshop (Looking Beyond Labels: Problem Solving + Progressions) $175 REGISTER HERE



“Time should not be allowed to pass without yielding fruits, in the form of something learnt worthy of being known, some good principle cultivated, or some good habit strengthened.” ~Samuel Smiles

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Education is our passion.  At Prana Pilates we’ve created a community where Pilates teachers and those who have an affinity towards mind body practices can come to learn and flourish in a compassionate environment.  Wherever you received your certification, your piece of paper is just the beginning of your investigation of this method.  One workshop with us and you’ll see our mission goes beyond the ordinary.  Our goal is to encourage you to be the best instructor you can be and support you in every way possible.

Feed your soul with knowledge and surround yourself with likeminded disciples that share in the profundity you have to offer this profession.

  • Prana Pilates offers Continuing Education Workshops every few months
  • We hold Anatomy Classes (purchased in a series) for Pilates and movement therapists 
  • Pilates Classes & Symposiums for INSTRUCTORS
  • Prana Pilates hosts internships for Orange Coast College students

Options are found under ‘WORKSHOPS’ in the MBO SCHEDULE. Professional Classes under ‘Classes’ on schedule.