About Us

“If I simply lived the principles that appeared to be truth for me, I would touch the lives of those I was destined to touch.”
~ Marlo Morgan

Our Studio

Our Costa Mesa studio is fully equipped with the all of the Classical Pilates equipment (Gratz, Peak and Balanced Body) including a Guillotine. We are devoted to the art of Pilates.  We design every workout to meet the individual needs of each person.  We strive to make each class experience as rewarding and customized as possible.

Our certified instructors participate in on going education courses in Classical Pilates, Pilates History and archival work, Anatomy Trains, MELT, Prenatal Pilates, Anatomy and Yoga.  At Prana you’ll find the in depth Pilates knowledge and the adjunt education to deliver a premium workout experience that’s right for you.

Why Pilates

handlesBy design, Pilates integrates both strength and flexibility which will improve functional movement and reduce or eliminate pain.  Utilizing the breath, Pilates sets forth to uniquely lengthen and increase tone in the body, it is this combination which will improve posture, increase blood flow and uniformly develop the body.

At Prana we have fun but we take our task to heart, literally.  We have compassion for your journey. We love what we do ~ and we intend to change your life for the better with the tools that Pilates provides.

Our Instructors